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Breakfast Topic: When did WoW click for you?

Zach Yonzon

Surprisingly, yesterday's Breakfast Topic wasn't a flood of QQ as I'd initially feared. A lot of the posts were constructive, informative, and some were pretty well thought out. Admittedly some others were plain QQ, but you can't help that. Welcome to the Internet. Well, enough of the complaints. If you're reading WoW Insider, chances are you're playing the game and enjoying it. I know I am.

Vonya over at The Egotistical Priest is enjoying the game, too, and I'm kidnapping her question for this morning. She relates how WoW just suddenly became more than just a game to her while traipsing through the fungus-laden caverns of Maraudon. She also recalls seeing a Devilsaur for the first time (or not seeing it and getting totally eaten by it, more likely...). There are moments in this game where it became really special for us. I know the very first time I entered the Undercity I was completely enthralled... I'd never played an MMO before, and I fell completely in love with the wacky, Tim Burtonesque design of the Forsaken capital. I spent hours just ogling and it wasn't even at Sylvanas.

What was your moment? When did WoW become something special to you? When did the game reel you in? I know that our interest in this game waxes and wanes, but there was -- I'm certain of it -- a particular moment while playing where excitement and wonder coalesced, pushing World of Warcraft just a teensy bit over the definition of 'just another video game'. When did that happen for you? Oh, and yeah, that's a Whitney Houston video. You're welcome.

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