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GDC09: Professor Layton 2 planned for North America and Europe this year


Okay, let's take stock. We got a new Zelda, the Wii "Storage Solution" (which is actually better than Nintendo originally made it out to be), and arcade games and Final Fantasies on Virtual Console. How could this GDC get any better for Nintendo fans?

How about Professor Layton 2?

At Level-5's panel, director Akihiro Hino showed a list of current projects, including Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, an English translation of the name of the second Layton game. Later, during the Q&A, someone asked Hino if the sequel was being localized for North America and Europe. Hino responded that he wants to release all six Laytons (including the new trilogy), and that Diabolical Box is indeed in the midst of localization -- he hopes to have it out in six months.

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