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GDC09: The rise of the MMOs

Shawn Schuster

Here we are in the midst of another epic Games Developers Conference and we can't help but reflect on how much importance MMOs and Virtual Worlds have in the gaming industry these days. Everywhere we look, there are new ways to integrate the online experience with having fun and meeting new people. Throughout the week and beyond (as embargoes get lifted), we're bringing you more MMO panels and interviews than ever before. This is promising for those of us who happen to love MMOs.

So even though the convention isn't over until tomorrow, we wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in on what we've already seen, and what is yet to come later in the week. You can check out our GDC09 tag page for the ongoing panels and exclusive interviews we've already conducted, plus look forward to more goodies from Runes of Magic, Hero Engine, Funcom, Mythic, Earthrise, CCP, Global Agenda, Aion [catch breath] and much more!

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