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Hanuman becomes first Indian-developed game, exclusive to PS2


PlayStation India is making big strides. SCEE will publish the first video game to be completely developed by an Indian game development team, Hanuman: Boy Warrior. This PS2 exclusive is about a young boy who must defeat enemies by freeing them of bad karma. "Good triumphs over evil," and it does so without the violence typical of most modern games.

Hanuman is rooted in Indian mythology and will be presented in both English and Hindi. "We are very proud to launch the first Indian game on PS2 with localized content, completely developed in India," said SCE's Atindriya Bose. "The launch of Hanuman: Boy Warrior has marked a very significant milestone in the Indian game development industry and also signifies the importance we attach to the Indian market and the Indian Game development industry."

Sony is one of the first companies in the industry to seriously focus on expanding the Indian gaming market. By investing in local development, Sony plans on making India a larger piece of the global gaming scene.

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