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Sophos video shows Mac trojan caught in the act


Apple Mac malware: Caught on camera from Sophos Labs on Vimeo.

It's not every day that you can watch Mac malware in action, but the team at Sophos Labs has put together the demonstration video above; it shows a malicious installer downloaded from a site pretending to serve up an HD video player, which actually carries the RSPlug-F trojan. Even though Mac users would still have to provide admin credentials to install the application (unlike Windows users, who might catch the Zlob malware just by visiting the webpage), it would be perfectly natural to go ahead and authenticate after downloading an installer... but not a good idea in this case. The fake site and bogus application are appearing in two versions, one billed as MacCinema and another trying to steal the goodwill of a legitimate Windows app called HDTV Player (the real app is from

RSPlug-F does try to change your DNS settings to point at bad-guy controlled servers, which could conceivably result in you being redirected to malicious or phony sites; however, if your ISP is on the ball, those bogus DNS servers are already blocked. The only way to catch this bit of malware is via the installer, but it's easy to see how an innocent Mac user might be fooled by the convincing-seeming download site.

[H/T Ars Technica Infinite Loop]

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