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Stardock introduces flexible DRM solution: Goo


DRM is a sticky subject in the PC gaming scene. While most publishers see it as a necessary evil, many consumers complain about the unfair restrictions imposed by some DRM solutions. Stardock's new Goo program may clean things up.

Game Object Obfuscation, or Goo for short, is a client-free DRM solution. Instead of a third-party verification program, the DRM is embedded into the program itself. Activation is done through a user's e-mail address: simply tie a serial number to your e-mail address and you'll be able to use your product on any machine you own. Once validated, an online connection is no longer required.

Interestingly, this new DRM method will allow consumers to legitimately resell their PC games. By voluntarily disabling their game access, they can transfer their license ownership to someone else. Were Goo to take off, it could create a second-hand PC gaming market.

Goo will be introduced on April 7th. Stardock plans to announce Goo support from "multiple major publishers" in April as well.

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