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A different kind of Alarm Clock

Mel Martin

We've reviewed some iPhone alarms before. There are free alarms and alarms you pay for. Some were pretty good, and there is always the built-in alarm. In an attempt to improve upon the standard alarms, some Russian developers have created Easy Wakeup [App Store link] which has been available for jailbroken phones, but now is available at U.S. $9.99 for both the iPhone and iPod touch.

Why would anyone buy an alarm app for 10 bucks? Well, this is a very different kind of alarm app. Using the motion sensors on your iPhone, you strap your iPhone to your wrist with one of the readily available products that do that, and go to sleep. You tell the software at what time you absolutely must be awakened, and by analyzing your movements through the night, the software will pick what it believes is the most opportune time to get you up. The alarm can wake you to music, vibration, and even a message you record with the iPhone microphone.

There are some drawbacks. Your iPhone can't be locked. You have to put it in airplane mode, which means you won't be getting any calls through the evening. That might be a good thing, depending on how you like to live your life. The developers say you'll drain about 20% of your battery overnight, which might be bad if you have a big day planned and no time to recharge. When you select your alarm, you can't select music from your own playlist. You can select Apple built-in ring-tones, but not any you imported or created yourself.

The alarm supports snooze, and when you get up you can look at some graphs to see how restless you were during your sleep.

There are similar products that work on the same principles. The Axbo Sleep Phase Clock costs between U.S. $150-250. It is a bedside alarm clock with a wrist band and data cables.

I can't vouch for the science behind these products, and I decided I didn't love my iPhone enough to sleep with it to test this out, but for those familiar with the technique of computer aided alarms it might be worth a try. Just be careful when you roll over.

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