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Big Three lock down E3 media briefing dates and times

Dates have been set. Lines have been drawn. The war rages on.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all scheduled media briefing dates and times for E3 2009. As usual, Microsoft jumps in first, kicking the affair off on June 1 (the day before E3) at 10:30AM PDT. On June 2, Nintendo waggles to stage at 9:00AM PDT, followed by Sony at 11:00AM PDT. With E3 reverting to the days of yore, we expect blinding lasers and fist-pumping anthems along with all the megaton announcements.

Think of an excuse now, because between June 1 and June 4 you're not going to want to be at work, school or with significant others. You're going to be at your computer, frantically hitting refresh for all of our in-depth coverage. You know, like you are right now.

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