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Blizzard hiring for unannounced fifth project, might use new IP

Blizzard has a quite a bit on its lavish, diamond-encrusted plate -- between Diablo III, Starcraft II, yet another expansion to World of Warcraft and a mysterious "next-gen MMO," you'd think it would be hesitant about taking on new projects. However, the company recently published a "Help Wanted" ad searching for two up-and-coming developers. The employment opportunity wasn't filed under the site's "Next-Gen MMO" category -- rather, it can be found under the infinitely titillating "Unannounced Project" section.

Even the most spot-on industry soothsayers haven't been able to predict what the project will be, though Blizzard COO Paul Sams has repeatedly stated the company's interest in starting up an entirely new franchise. The game is apparently temporarily running on the World of Warcraft engine until the aforementioned new hires can create an interface of their own -- an interface that hopefully won't include karts, and the inevitable racing of those karts.

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