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Chronicles of Spellborn opens up beta, shows off new armor

Recently, we had the chance to sit in as part of an open-community conversation with some of the creators of The Chronicles of Spellborn. Many people were thrilled just to hear that they've recently opened up the beta for those who want to check the game out. (Tip: Check early in the morning, it seems to be a limited daily amount.) Among some of the basic details discussed were the reiteration that yes, absolutely, Chronicles of Spellborn will be a "freemium" game. The free areas will offer players three areas to try, including the new tutorial, before you are required to subscribe to progress. Subscriptions will be approximately $15 monthly at first, potentially jumping to $18. They are working on what they call a 'set it and forget it' monthly billing option like other MMOs have, but for now you have to purchase Acclaim Coins either by buying cards at stores (Target, etc) or via the Acclaim website.

Beyond that, the Spellborn team feels that the beta is moving along at a good pace. Most of the balance issues were largely due to bugs in the system, and should be worked out very soon. Since the US client is trailing the EU client, things that are being found by players on the EU servers are being patched in the US game well before players here hit those issues. Also, due to the fact that the game is skill-based, they explained they've stumbled across an unintended bonus; it appears to be harder for bots to play effectively under this system. Further, they stated that they are working to ensure that gold spammers won't be an annoyance for players after launch. Finally, they also touched on a few aspects of PvP, such as not allowing polymorphs or complete blocks that take players out of the action as they feel that's not very fun, and hinted at more changes to come in the next meeting.

In all, it sounds like an interesting set of updates, and with the ability to chat with 1,000 people in each Webinar, we suspect we'll be hearing about more of these open meetings for Spellborn as the beta progresses. For now, enjoy some behind-the-scenes looks at some of the armor art we'll be seeing!

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