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Disgaea 3 patch adds Trophies and Home support


Disgaea 3 has been updated in Japan with two new features: Trophies and PlayStation Home support. The two go hand in hand as well. Unlocking a Trophy in the game will also earn you a reward in Home: a Prinny trophy you can place in your virtual abode.

Of course, getting the Trophies won't be very easy. Siliconera reveals some details on what you must do: "One trophy is awarded after dealing over 10 billion damage and another is given after a Counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-attack." Excuse me?

We're hoping English language versions of Disgaea 3 will also receive this patch. It's always nice to see developers update their games to take advantage of all the new features added to the PS3 post-release.

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