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GDC09: Pardo details why Blizzard has ignored this generation of consoles

Before Metal Gear Solid 4 was everyone's favorite Xbox 360 rumor, it was Blizzard's money machine, World of Warcraft, that was constantly said to be hitting consoles. Blizzard already assured us it wasn't happening ages ago, but during the Luminaries Luncheon, Blizzard's vice-president of game design, Rob Pardo, detailed why his company has ignored this generation of consoles.

"There are so many games, like we make at Blizzard, that we don't take to the console because they don't support input devices," Pardo told the attendees. Pardo's comments were made when the panel was asked what they would do if they were in charge of developing the next generation of consoles. Pardo, who hailed Nintendo for creating an input device "that allows new types of games to be made," explained that the lack of device diversity on consoles would only lead to "crappy ports" of his company's titles.

"If I was them," Pardo concluded, "I'd be sitting around trying to think of 'What's a cool input device that allows all types of new of games that are really fun to play?'"

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