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WoW Moviewatch: HAX


You might (should?) remember Ian Beckman from Azerothian Supervillains. He's now released a new rap video as part of a Senior Thesis Project at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Ultimately, this video -- titled HAX -- is in competition with a few other musically similar videos. So, if you like it, take a moment to visit the site and vote for it.

This is simply one of my favorite music videos I've seen for this genre. Not only is the music awesome, the video itself is a fun and nostalgic romp through games of old. Pac-Man and Mario Brothers are just two great examples. Ian's done a great job making his video's main character Zeldo fit within the games' context. It's obvious Zeldo's a visitor, but affected by his location.

The dancing girl is a great nod to the genre of rap music videos. You always have a pretty dancing girl. (I'm sure someone can show me rap videos without a pretty dancing girl, but I'd be hard pressed to find it myself.) However, she's suitably pretty, suitably dancing, and still screams "video gamer" to me. She's also not dressed in a skimpy outfit, which fits my out-of-date, prudish sensibilities. I enjoy the way Ian's blended real world footage to video game graphics. It works great.

If you could, take the time to visit the contest site and vote for HAX. If Ian wins, maybe we'll get lucky and another video in this style.

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