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Neutrik delivers a 1080p HD/SDI connector to pros, and it's not HDMI

Steven Kim

HDMI has certainly taken hold in the consumer AV space and component video connection -- despite its merits and supporters -- is in decline. Looking around at the back of a receiver, you might think that small, high density connectors used for digital signals are just better, right? Not necessarily -- consider the rearTwist BNC connectors Neutrik is bringing to the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show for 1080p HD/SDI (serial digital interface) use by pros. That's good-old coax design, specced out to 4.5GHz, with a kind of in-field reliability that our beloved HDMI connectors can only dream of. We're not bashing HDMI -- it's now mature, has lots of nice features and puts great performance within the reach of lots of people. Also, discrete coax connections like these Neutrik connectors are too pricey for consumer gear; but don't be fooled into thinking that the move to HDMI was all about performance, either.

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