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Jace Hall Show Season 2 now on Xbox Live and Crackle

If you enjoyed the irreverent gaming industry news coverage featured in the first season of The Jace Hall Show, you might want to check out the second season premiere, now available on Xbox Live and Crackle. For the uninitiated, Jason "Jace" Hall is a television, film and video game producer (he founded Monolith Productions). His weekly ten-minute program features interviews with nerd culture icons and game developers, and frequent narration from acclaimed television actor Gary Graham. Yeah, it's pretty strange.

If none of that sounds up your alley, know this: Jace's program was one of the first sources of new footage from Duke Nukem Forever. If you're keeping a watchful eye for further proof of the Duke's existence, tuning in to The Jace Hall Show might just be your best bet.

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