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The Old Republic's Threat of Peace issue #3 roils with opposite of peace

Kyle Horner

And so the plot moistens. We say moisten because much like a moist and delectable cake, the third issue of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Threat of Peace webcomic is filled with sweet, sweet filling -- otherwise known as lightsaber battles and political intrigue.

Between these weekly free comic updates and the newly revealed (and immaculately voiced) historical timeline, we're likely to overdose on this MMO even before we get our hands on it. Speaking of which... when do you suppose that'll be BioWare? We heard PAX was a pretty great place to let people try out cool games. And you know, the people of Seattle are almost cousins to Canadians!

Check out the third issue right here, and while you're enjoying that we'll continue to keep our eyes trained for any other updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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