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Achron brings time travel gameplay to RTS

Majed Athab

Red Alert may have a story revolving around time travel, but Achron puts it in its gameplay. Hazardous Software's new real-time strategy title attempts to integrate the concept of time travel into the RTS genre by allowing its players to go back and undo mistakes and modify actions.

This must sound exciting for all the terrible players out there who can't seem to do anything right. But seriously though, how is this actually going to work in a multiplayer setting with a handful of players fiddling with the delicacies of time? It sounds ambitious and incredibly complicated to harness from a logistical standpoint, but it's nonetheless an interesting twist on the genre.

Check after the break for some alpha footage and a developer walkthrough on the innovative gameplay mechanics. Currently, Achron is in development for PC, but Hazardous is looking into branching out to the three current gen consoles, too. The game is expected to hit sometime in mid-2010.

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