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Apple patent filing suggests a safer in-car touchscreen


As the Tesla Model S has amply demonstrated, while in-car touchscreens can certainly turn a few heads, they aren't always the safest, or most practical solution. Apple seems to have a few ideas about how to change that, however, and one of its recently revealed patent applications details a new and improved touchscreen system that it says could cut down significantly on driver distractions. Apparently, Apple envisions a whole host of measures that would prevent the driver from operating the system while driving, or let only the passenger use the touchscreen while the vehicle is moving. To do that, the system would make use of a range of sensors tied to various parts of the vehicle, and apparently even take into account the angle at which the person's finger is approaching the screen. What's more, the application also suggests that the system could be applied to both vehicles with built-in touchscreens or cars that accommodate a detachable, presumably Apple-made handheld device. Or all of this could wind up in the same bin as Apple's world-changing RF network. Take your pick.

[Via Autoblog]

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