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Official connection issues support page

Alex Ziebart

There have been a lot of login server related issues lately with accounts, and from all indication they don't all seem to be for the same reasons. Tom may not have the same issue as Sally who isn't necessarily getting the same error message as Jimbo. As much as the problems are annoying me, the more widespread problems tend to clear up pretty quickly. Usually. For some of the odd, lingering issues you may run into, Blizzard's Support page has added a section for connection issues within World of Warcraft with some common solutions. Note that these won't necessarily fix every issue that crops up with the login servers, but it should solve some of them!

The most common solution that seems to work out for people is the suggested edit to the file, using something like Notepad. Look for the Data folder within your World of Warcraft folder, open it up, then open with a simple text editor. Check to be sure all four of these lines are contained within:

  • set realmlist
  • set patchlist
  • set realmlistbn ""
  • set portal us
If any of them are missing, just copy/past them from above (or the Blizzard Support page) into the file, save it, close it, then try again. That might not work for everybody (it wasn't the fix I needed last night) but it's been heralded as the miracle cure. It's certainly not a miracle cure, but it will cure some ailments. yes.

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