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Sony has 'no plans for a PS3 price drop,' calls rumors 'false'


All those rumors of a PS3 price drop, like as soon as tomorrow? There's absolutely nothing to them according to Sony, who has contacted us with an official comment on the matter.

"As we have stated previously, we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation," the statement from SCEA public relations manager Al De Leon reads. "SCEA remains focused on the long-term momentum of PS3. With the industry's best software lineup this year, combined with our most aggressive marketing campaign to date, we remain confident in our approach and the value we're delivering with PS3."

Sony's reaction to increasing expectations of an imminent PS3 price drop is interesting; it's not the usual "we don't comment on rumors and speculation." By blatantly stating there won't be one, the company may be trying to manage expectations (note that it hasn't denied a possible PS2 price cut). Also, if it were to announce a price drop one day after issuing this clear denial, it would draw considerable investor ire. Then again, if a reduced price for the console isn't announced relatively soon, it risks upsetting not only shareholders, but retailers and publishers as well.

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