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Rumor: Sony may make global announcement on Tuesday

Jem Alexander

Australian trade magazine Smarthouse reports that it's received word regarding a "global announcement" from Sony on Tuesday, possibly concerning the PS3. Kotaku states that it has also received word -- apparently from Sony itself -- that a big announcement is imminent, but the site speculates that it could be for a PS2 price drop -- which we received evidence of this evening.

There's no more information to go on, at this stage, so the big reveal could be anything. A PS3 price cut has been on the cards for some time, but each Sony Computer Entertainment region sets its own price independently, and we've never seen a simultaneous global price drop happen before.

If there truly is a global announcement, it could be regarding almost anything, like a God of War III release date. That would be "global," right?

[Via 1Up]

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