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VIA's P710-HD module brings 1080p to EPIA-P710 Pico-ITXe board

Darren Murph

We've got to hand it to 'em -- VIA sure knows where the weak spot is in the netbook / nettop market, and it's doing an impressive job bringing 1080p to areas where it was once thought impossible. After trumpeting its Surfboard concept and VX855 chipset, the company is striking yet again from the Embedded Systems Conference with its P710-HD module. Said device, which works in conjunction with the EPIA-P710 Pico-ITXe board, brings full HD playback support to a mainboard that's almost small enough to fit in your oversized cargo pocket. The expansion module includes S3 Graphics' 4300E embedded GPU, 256MB of GDDR2 memory and support for dual DVI and HDMI outputs. Sadly, there's no mention of a price or release date, but we'd bet NVIDIA, Intel and the rest of the gang are definitely paying attention.

[Via HotHardware]

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