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Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts DLC trailer is bumming us out

Justin McElroy

We really hope the new Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts DLC, "L.O.G.s Lost Challenges," sells a lot of units. No, we don't have any financial stake in Rare or Microsoft, we just hope they can afford a better trailer than the one we've embedded just above.

Honestly, with that font and those production values, it looks more like an Olive Garden training video on making the perfect pasta than an advertisement for a game published by the world's largest company.

So, on April 7th, won't you please spend 400 MS points for 250 achievement points, 12 new challenges, 7 new multiplayer games and the satisfaction of knowing an up-and-coming studio won't have to post such a depressing trailer ever again? We think it's well worth it.

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