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Buyers warming up to digital copy, especially on Blu-ray


Studios are reporting the number of digital copy activations has risen even more over the last few months. Numbers are skying highest on Blu-ray discs, with The Dark Knight reaching a 20% transfer rate, compared to 10%-12% on the DVD release. That's no real surprise if you figure anyone buying high definition editions of their favorite movies is more likely to have a portable device or additional PC they'd like to copy the movie to, and studios are picking up on digital copy as a feature that customers might actually value, as opposed to free movie tickets and rebates that typically go unredeemed. Video Business mentions Sony and Fox are moving towards digital copy only on the Blu-ray releases of upcoming movies, and including more flicks the additional copy embedded on disc as opposed to requiring a download. All that's well and good, but really we're still wondering what happened to the managed copy dream that was supposed to take care of all this.

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