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Kaos Studios hiring for unannounced project

Jason Dobson

After letting so many employees go, perhaps THQ is running out of pink slips to hand out. The publisher announced that its New York-based Kaos Studios is actually hiring, with new staff set to work on an as-yet-unannounced project from the Frontlines: Fuel of War developer.

As for what the game will be, neither company is talking. Still, there are some possible clues, with a handful of job openings on Kaos' website looking for staff with "broad knowledge" on both PCs and consoles, and one in particular seeking someone skilled in the art of taking Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii games online.

We cornered a THQ rep earlier, but all we could pry out of her was that the publisher is "very excited" about the project and that it is "saving the details for E3." And Kaos, if that mysterious project doesn't work out, the extra bodies should make decent meat shields should THQ decide to swing its axe your way.

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