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PlayStation 2 now $99

Kevin Kelly

As expected, Sony Computer Entertainment has lowered the price of PlayStation 2 from $129 to $99, as of April 1. The move comes as the console enters its ninth year on sale in the US. That's a heck of a long life for a console, and the price drop will squeeze at least a couple more years out of it. There's a slew of games coming out for the PS2 this year, bringing the total number of games to almost 1,900, including more than 250 "Greatest Hits" games. Frugal gamers have a lot to choose from.

Assuaging fears that this is a mean April Fool's joke (which is the day the price is official), John Koller wrote on the PlayStation Blog, "This speaks to the technology and features that were packed into PlayStation 2 from the beginning, as well as to the ongoing support the platform enjoys from the publishing and retail communities and, well, all of you fans."

Of course, SCEA president Jack Tretton couldn't help but add, "Just as PlayStation 2 is delivering on a 10-year lifecycle and helped expand and solidify the DVD format for home entertainment along the way, we believe PlayStation 3 offers the same promise by helping secure the Blu-ray format and delivering unprecedented value as the total home entertainment solution for the next decade." We get it Jack, but can't we just celebrate with the NINETY-NINE DOLLAH PS2 for now?

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