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Tell us your Skype app stories


As the midnight line rolled across the globe last night, international iTunes users picked up the Skype app with glee and enthusiasm. While users in Germany are fuming at reports that T-Mobile plans to block use of Skype via its WiFi hotspots, everyone else seems quite happy so far. We're already hearing about Bluetooth speakerphones or plug-in mics that should work well with the service.

More updates: users of jailbroken phones may want to check Cydia for an update to the mobile substrate component that stops Skype from crashing. Canadian users are, for the moment, out of luck due to a patent concern.

If you've got Skype fired up on your iPhone, let us know how it's going for you and what the advantages/drawbacks of VoIP on your iPhone or iPod touch are so far. Leave a comment below, or send us a Skype IM at 'TUAW_on_Skype' with your thoughts.

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