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The Price is Right: PS2 gift bundles for under $200


For most hardcore gamers, PS2's drop into the $99 range is not really big news. Most of us, at one point or another, have owned a PS2. But, this guide isn't about you. No, it's about all the other people that Sony's trying to get into gaming and they're all around you. At $99, the PS2 has become a pretty attractive gift-giving option for your mom, your little sis, and the tons of people that haven't been able to afford a gaming console until now. The following gift guides will give your friends (and enemies) everything they'll need for under $200.

For the Wannabe Rockstar
You can get yourself an entire set of plastic instruments and become a pretend music hero with this bundle.

For the Angry PS3 Owner
You have a PS3, but no backwards compatibility. $200 will net you a new PS2 Slim and some awesome games.

For the Fitness Nut
You don't need a Wii to get a workout. If going outside is too much a burden, try these PS2 games.

For the Brainiac
Playing games is good for your brain, don't y'know? It's how the Joystiq team gets its smarts.

For the Tween Girl
OMG! Is that Zac Efron?! Squee! This gift will make you real popular with the underage ladies -- creep.

For the Enemy
You really don't like this person, but for some reason you want to spend $200 on them. Here's how to do it in style.

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