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Turbine offers compensation for Asheron's Call and Dungeons & Dragons Online downtime

Kyle Horner

Players of both Asheron's Call and Dungeons & Dragons Online have until very recently been experiencing a significant amount of unexpected server downtime. Being right gentle- uh, developers (gentledevs?) Turbine is offering up significant compensation to players as a way of apologizing. While simply extending all player subscriptions by the time lost (one day) would've been enough, it doesn't end there.

Here's the breakdown of the additional goodies players are getting:

  • Asheron's Call
  • Bonus rare drops!
  • +25% bonus XP
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • +25% XP
  • +1 bonus to loot
  • A special in-game item when Mod 9 launches!
Those will be for the coming weekend, so if you were a lucky player who's been too busy the past 24 hours to even notice the downtime... lucky you! We envy your uncanny ability to receive wonderous gifts. Hey, can you hook us up with some four-leaf clovers?

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