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AT&T's Samsung Propel Pro hands-on


AT&T's Propel Pro ups the ante not only in build quality and material, but the new set is also reborn as a proper smartphone thanks to the inclusion of Windows Mobile 6.1. Though like its predecessor, we find a QWERTY keypad for the much loved messaging features, a 3 megapixel camera, and a well thought out and put together metal housing -- though the latter does add heft to an already chubby device. So, what do we like? Well, the display is right on, the keypad is solid, and the $149 price tag is definitely going to win it some fans looking for a messaging device that'll do a bit more. The heft on the other hand is a bit much, and we're still troubled by the almost square form factor, but what do we know, people loved the Samsung Propel. We'll take some more time to get to know it tomorrow and hopefully add a little video to the mix -- and some decent lighting.

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