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Ever Win's EWP1000 is another pico projector

Tim Stevens

Every week we consistently get another couple new pico projectors to tell you about, and since the market for these things can't possibly be big enough to support all these releases the only possible explanation is that people are continually losing the things. Assuming that's the case, Ever Win's EWP1000 could be your next misplaced projector. As such it has fairly forgettable specs, including 10 lumens of brightness, VGA (640 x 480) resolution, projection sizes of between 5- and 50-inches, and about 80 minutes of battery life on a charge. About the only thing distancing this from the competition is its Ferengi-inspired styling, giving it a more notable look than most others and possibly making it perfect for your next Tongo party. But, with no price or availability, we won't blame you if you don't remember this tomorrow either.

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