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First Look: Daylite Touch


Marketcircle has made a name for themselves with their Daylite Productivity Suite, which is a powerful customer management, calendaring, and project management tool. On Tuesday, Marketcircle announced the availability of Daylite Touch, an iPhone / iPod touch companion to Daylite, in the App Store (click opens iTunes).

TUAW is currently working on a full review of the latest releases of Daylite, the new Daylite Server, and Daylite Touch, so this is just a cursory overview of the iPhone app. From what we've seen during the last few weeks of use, the app is a worthy companion to Daylite and offers much of the powerful capabilities of the desktop package in a handheld format.

Perhaps the most impressive tool in Daylite Touch is its ability to sync to a remote Daylite Server. Daylite Server is required if someone wishes to use both Daylite on the Mac and the iPhone, and it has just been shipped with the new Daylite 3.9. The sync capability includes a remote wipe function, important for organizations that have deployed groups of iPhones loaded with Daylite Touch and syncing to company-proprietary information.

Daylite Touch is free for download, but requires that a $49.99 annual license be installed on the server. While this may seem a bit expensive, it's an absolute bargain for any person or organization that wants the power of Daylite in their pocket or purse. Stay tuned for our upcoming full review of Daylite 3.9, Daylite Server, and Daylite Touch.

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