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Grand Theft Auto habit contributes to partner's murder

Justin McElroy

It's a known, scientific fact that Grand Theft Auto and other violent video games turn players into killers. But, apparently, its influence is so vile, it can even effect those that have to watch someone play. The Telegraph reports that after retired airport worker Malcom Palmer's partner repeatedly threw him out of the bedroom -- so she could play more Grand Theft Auto -- he stabbed Carol Cannom, the mother of his children, to death.

Since the mainstream media isn't great with specifics when it comes to writing about video games, we don't know which PlayStation she was using, or which GTA she was playing. But it sounds like GTA might not have been the only problem in this relationship. For example: Though the PlayStation takes The Telegraph's headline heat, the story mentions "Palmer had also become convinced that she was having an affair, and went into a violent rage when she told him she wanted him to move out in November last year, threatening that he would never get to see their children again."

... So, yeah. It's either that, or the PlayStation.

[Via GP]

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