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Muramasa staff answers fans' disgusting questions


Nakamura and Mori, two of the developers working on Muramasa: The Demon Blade, posted a Q&A column on the game's Japanese site, offering answers to questions some fans may have, and to questions that nobody should ever ask.

Describing the difference between the "Musou" and "Shura" modes, Nakamura said that the Musou system is for people invigorated by raising levels, and the Shura system is more for action gamers who "have the habit of saying 'I am a god,'" and can play at godlike levels. He adds that players can switch modes at any time!

The final question in the column is from a 19-year-old otaku who asks if the female protagonist, Momohime, ever flashes her panties in battle. Nakamura responds, according to Siliconera's translation, with a historical defense that immediately turns into a huge mistake:

"N...never! Wearing panties underneath a kimono is unsophisticated. You can't see something that isn't there! Absolutely... you won't be able to see... Wait a second, Sayo..." Mori interjects with, "Hey! Please stop looking at Muramasa: The Demon Blade with such a wicked perspective!"


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