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Rogers reportedly implements more compression on HD channels

Darren Murph

Sadly, we don't have any reason to believe that this is some nasty April Fool's prank. We heard right around this time last year that Rogers Cable was looking to pull a Shaw and compress its HD signals even further, and now, it seems that said smashing has begun. According to Digital Home, a "majority of all Rogers high definition channels measured are now being compressed." Investigation in the matter has found that around 60 percent of Rogers' HD channels in Toronto were compressed, with HBO, The Movie Network, MPix, Nat Geo, CBS West, ABC West, Fox West, NBC West and PBS suffering the most. We're told that those stations saw typical bitrates of around 10Mbps to 13Mbps, while Rogers SportsNet, CityTV, CBC, CTV, Global and Discovery HD saw streams between 16Mbps and 18Mbps. Any locals care to confirm / deny?

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