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SCEA: PS2 could steal share from Wii


A $99 PS2 may not sound groundbreaking to the hardcore gamer, but it certainly opens a lot of doors to the casual gaming market. Sony's last-gen console keeps on chugging, and it looks as though Sony is positioning the PS2 as its main competitor against Nintendo's almighty Wii. SCEA's John Koller spoke to GameDaily Biz about the new price, admitting that the Wii and PS2 will have "similar customers."

"Yes, we do think the $99 price point could steal some share [from Wii]," Koller said. "From a technological standpoint, the Wii is much closer to the PS2 than it is to the next-gen consoles. It's obviously not an HD box and the software development is on a par with where PS2 development is, so that's a much more realistic and similar demographic."

Although the Wii and PS2 are similar technologically, Nintendo has delivered a system that really caters to the mainstream casual masses. Without motion control and appropriate software support, a lower price point may not be able to steer people away from Nintendo's system. "Nintendo has done a fantastic job of capturing young and female [demographics]," Koller admits, and that's something Sony will have to work on if they'll want to keep the PS2 relevant in a Wii world.

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