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T-Mobile reveals some juicy G1 stats, half of users traded up from dumbphones

Chris Ziegler

As Android goes, all eyes might be on the Magic at this point -- but T-Mobile USA's still rocking the G1 hard, and they've got the stats to prove it. The carrier has announced that "roughly half" of its G1 buyers traded up from a dumbphone of some sort, which should really help them put that nascent 3G network through its paces in earnest. Proof of that lies deeper in the numbers: 80 percent of G1 customers are browsing the web on a daily basis from the comfort of their device -- a testament to the goodness of WebKit, we reckon -- over half are using Facebook and YouTube at least once a week, and half are hooking up to WiFi on a daily basis. HTML and streaming video aren't the only things burning through AWS bandwidth, though; T-Mobile's also claiming that the average G1 customers has downloaded over 40 frickin' apps from the Android Market, and four out of five download apps at least once per week. We imagine that number will level off now that paid apps are scaling up, but still -- that's an impressive stat.

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