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Age of Conan begins 7-day free trial period

Shawn Schuster

During last week's GDC interview with Craig Morrison, the Age of Conan game director spoke with us about the future of the game and the new direction the team is taking to get new players in and old players back. One of those methods he mentioned was a free trial "coming next week". The prophecy has come true, and the Age of Conan free trial giveaways have begun!

You can head over to the AoC main site to download your very own 7-day trial (and promotional video), or look for site-specific trials popping up on various MMO fan outlets. Such examples include and Eurogamer whose limited free trials come with three exciting in-game bonuses: a Totem of Origins which lets you teleport back to your cultural city, a Bag of Holding which improves inventory space and an Enruned Kosalan Ring that increases the damage output of its wearer. Comment below to let us know about other promotions tied in with this free trial period.

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