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Breakfast Topic: Missing features

Zach Yonzon

April Fools' Day came and went, and as expected, a lot of jokes popped up all over the 'Net. Of course, among the jokes we looked forward to (or dreaded, as some of you curmudgeons ranted yesterday) were the World of Warcraft-related jokes. However you might feel about April Fools', I think we all eagerly awaited Blizzard's April Fools' gag, a long-standing tradition. The European World of Warcraft site had theirs -- a Pimp my mount feature -- launch earlier than the North American gag, an RP-ization of the forums and the new Dance Battle System. Not bad, but definitely not their best prank.

Actually, the Dance Battle System was less funny to me if only because it reminded me of the one promised feature they still haven't delivered on. Remember the dance studios that were supposed to come with Wrath of the Lich King? They pruned that feature away even before Beta, but it doesn't mean we've forgotten all about it. In fact, this latest gag might've been Blizzard's way of poking fun at themselves for failing to deliver on their promise.

A lot of the features they've parodied over the years have actually been pretty cool. I mean, being able to dial for food and have it delivered in-game would've been pretty neat. I wouldn't have minded a Tin Foil Hat to keep those nosy Alliance from inspecting me in Dalaran (or Shattrath back then). So while a full-blown dance competition ala America's Best Dance Crew is definitely too silly for the game, where're the dance studios? Heck, I know Blizzard scoffs at the idea, but how about player housing? So many developer hours devoted to increasingly unpopular Arenas, and no personalized housing in sight? Hey!

Ok, maybe player housing isn't such a hot idea, but these April Fools' pranks made me think about what's not in the game right now. I mean, a few years ago we wouldn't have considered dual-specs as a possibility. Flying mounts? Preposterous! Of course, the game actually moves forward, and a lot has changed since the game launched. What's on your wish list of features? Armor dyes, maybe, or -- gasp -- race change? A day after April Fools', I think we're entitled to think up of crazy features of our own.

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