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FileFront reacquired by original owners, not shutting down

Alex Ziebart

FileFront announced its closure last week, and the gaming community mourned its loss. Mourn no more, however! The original owners of FileFront have reacquired it from Ziff Davis Media, and it will be reopening once more. The notice regarding the reopening states very clearly that this is not an April Fool's joke, nor was the original closure. The timing is suspect, but this absolutely was going to happen without their intervention.

I don't know if all of the files have been saved with this change in ownership, but the service will be, at the very least. Will FileFront's founders do a better job keeping the site running? Only time will tell. For now, let's celebrate with all of the other gamers around the world. FileFront is back and hopefully it's here to stay.

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