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Verizon rebranding: an April Fools' prank that should be real


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When we came across this post at Brand New, it was pretty clear from the outset that it was fake (the "April Fools" in the headline didn't hurt). Still, it got all the editors at Engadget thinking, and talking, about how badly Verizon does need some kind of makeover. Across the board, it seems that the reaction to the big V's logo and branding is like-minded: it stinks. That cheap looking italicized Helvetica, the gaudy gradient on the check... the check itself. The whole thing looks like it was done by a first-year art student with a cracked copy of CorelDRAW. Meanwhile, in a few hours, the cats at BN managed to mock something up that not only looks clever and inviting, but almost totally washes away the bad taste the current logo leaves in our mouths.

Look, we're not saying you should go the cloud direction here -- it might not be the right fit -- but maybe it's time to reconsider your drab, staid design, and start to paint yourself in a different light. There's one more pic after the break -- a device with the "new" logo... just imagine it.

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