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A video guide to Grid

Alex Ziebart

When The Queue discussed healing mods a couple of months ago, one of the fairly widespread opinions is that things like Grid had a far too complicated configuration process. Personally, I just use Grid out-of-the-box and it works pretty well for me, but a lot of raiders like customizing those things thoroughly. While the process might be long and complicated, it's totally worth it.

A member from the guild Inevitable of Feathermoon sent us a link to this video made by a member of their guild, made to make the complicated process much, much more simple and easy to understand. It shows how to configure the mod and tinker with all of the cool little things that it can do for a Healer. It's a long video, nearly 10 minutes, but that's a testament to how robust the mod can be. The creator of the video goes through a lot of steps to customize Grid's UI, and I think it will turn out to be a great resource for those who've never used Grid previously.

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