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Breakfast Topic: Ignoring achievements for roleplay reasons


This is Bedrock. He is what many might call "Achievement obsessed." (Yes, I know, there's a slightly different word most folks use, but this is a family blog.) He's the kind of chap who's run Stratholme about five million times, desperately hoping for the Baron's horse to drop. And yeah -- he's even on his way to the "Insane" title.

But among Mr. Rock's tour of Azeroth, there's one achievement that he just can't bring himself to do. Yes, my friends, Bedrock is not yet DEHTA'S Little PEHTA.

Bedrock is a Hunter on a roleplay server. He likes to roleplay, even if he doesn't spend every moment of every day full of "yea verily" and "thee" and "thou." But he identifies with his character, and generally tries to achieve some level of immersion. And whether the DEHTA crowd is a joke or not, he just can't bring himself to do war against his personal idol. Mr. Nesingwary is somewhat a hero for Bedrock, and collecting the ears of Hemet's friends just doesn't seem right.

So, for roleplay reasons, Bedrock has ignored the DEHTA achievement, even though he's also one of the Achievement hounds. What about you? Is there any quest out there you refuse to do, because it just doesn't seem to line up with your character?

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