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Global Agenda devs to sponsor regional robotics competition

Shawn Schuster

What better people to sponsor a robotics competition than those making a futuristic sci-fi game? Hi-Rez Studios is exploring that opportunity at the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition national championships held at the Georgia Dome on April 17th and 18th. This competition is designed to help high-school-aged kids discover the fun of engineering and research. Hi-Rez Studios' sponsored team, called Team 1771: The Global Agenda Gamers of suburban Atlanta's North Gwinnett High School, are featuring a robot named The Black Widow which has taken highest honors at the South Carolina "Palmetto" Regional Event at Clemson University.

"Game development requires the same combination of creativity and engineering that is being demonstrated by these students"
, says Todd Harris, executive producer of Global Agenda, "It seemed particularly fitting to support Team 1771 in this highly competitive sport that, like our game Global Agenda, puts a strong emphasis on team work and use of advanced technology" The team's faculty advisor, Mike Reilly, expanded upon this point, "I feel that a partnership with Hi-Rez is inspirational to our students, and is a great example of return on investment to both the school and local industry."

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