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iPod shuffle 3G pumping up the jams a little too hard at the gym?

Ross Miller

Seeing as a good number of people pick up iPod shuffles for use while working out, this might be a bit of an issue. An Apple thread discussion has blossomed with reports that the 3rd gen unit's gone sentient and is maxing out the volume while users are doing cardio. The conjecture is that its volume control-equipped headphones might not be moisture resistant and is having averse reactions to sweat. Of course, we could take the "it's a feature, not a bug approach" and assume Apple's simply added a hidden sweat detector to crank it based on the workout intensity. This all may be much ado about nothing, but be sure to do your ears a favor and set the max volume via iTunes before you start your routine, just in case.

[Via iLounge]

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