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Masthead Studios lending Interplay a hand with suspected Fallout MMO

The fate of Interplay's long-held plans to create an MMO in the Fallout universe (assumedly heralded under the code name Project V13) has been in peril for quite some time now. Many feared the project would be scrapped when the title's creative director moved on to a different company, though a glimmer of light pierced the darkness yesterday -- Masthead Studios, developers of the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO Earthrise, will be giving Interplay its proprietary tools and technology for use in Project V13.

Given our MMO-obsessed sister site Massively's positive hands-on experience with Earthrise at GDC, we're excited to see how this technology will be used in Interplay's MMO. Of course, there's always a chance that Project V13 has nothing to do with Fallout. Sure, there's plenty of evidence to the contrary, but Interplay could very well be working on an Earthworm Jim MMO, which ... well, which would be just as awesome.

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