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Warhammer 40K MMO gets a release date

Brooke Pilley

THQ just unveiled some release dates for their major game titles over the next few years and if you were getting excited for the Warhammer 40k MMO, you might feel a bit deflated after reading this. The above slide shows that WH40K is slated for a 2012 expected release date, which of course is subject to change.

We haven't heard much from Vigil Games since May 2008 about this title, but what we know sounds promising so far. The MMO's creative director is none other than comic book artist extraordinaire, Joe Madureira (side bar: my favorite artist of all time). Vigil hopes to stay as true to the tabletop experience as they can while still remaining an MMORPG. Finally, the world's primary weapons will be guns and vehicles may play a large part in combat.

While many fans of the Games Workshop miniatures game have found a familiar home in Warhammer Online, many others have complained that Mythic's incarnation of the Warhammer setting is not harsh, gritty, or dark enough. It will be interesting to see if WH40k can capture this or if Vigil will opt for a less mature environment (and rating).

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