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WoW Moviewatch: Buddhist 3v3: Ming Must Die!


Warning: This video is longer than your average, and definitely includes language not suitable for the workplace. It's not all potty-mouth, but it's got some cursing and strange sounds.

Do you remember Insane Gouge Crits, by Buddhist? Well, the master of PvP Parody is back with another installment in the ongoing struggle to be Rogue Hokage. Behold Buddhist 3v3: Ming Must Die!

The love of Buddhist's life (his soulmate, if you will) has been damaged by a rival rogue, Ming. Now, Buddhist and his 3v3 team must fight through Ming's merciless minions to regain Cel's power, and prove who is the true Rogue Hokage.

This video is parody of the PvP genre, and sticks its tongue firmly in cheek at the majority of rogue and PvP culture. It's steeped with references and odd quirks, so it helps to have some knowledge of who's who. Ming, for example, is actually a very well known blogger in "rogue society." Serennia is a prominent Arena fighter, and was once hailed as the "best warrior in the world." And if the dialogue from Ming seems funny after her initial confrontation with Buddhist's crew, check this video out about Swarm.

The video made me laugh. The stream could use a little better quality, but overall, I enjoyed this new installment. Mileage is going to vary, of course, but I enjoyed the irreverent, self-aware humor.

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