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WRUP: It's spring time...


Though the picture above is actually not of Northrend, we're pretty sure that's about what spring time in Northrend looks like. But enough meteorology! What's the WoW Insider team up to in game this weekend?
  • Adam Holisky: /sings It's spring time, for my Death Knight, in Northrend.
  • Alex Ziebart: Continuing to run Heroic Culling of Stratholme every day until Mal'ganis coughs up that freaking shield. I've gotten about twenty people their Bronze Drakes, and I suspect that trend will continue. When I'm not doing that, my face is going to be buried in this L5R sourcebook a buddy of mine gave me. I am geeking out over it harder than I've geeked out in a very long time.
  • Allison Robert: Leveling my Shaman through Outland and raising a toast to the day I decided to spec him Resto. A legion of leveling Death Knights + Resto Shaman = superfast leveling!
  • Daniel Whitcomb: I've been chasing Old World achievements as of late, but lately I have noticed that my bank is suffering a bit as a result (Oh no! Only 2.5k gold!). So I'm actually thinking I'll head back to Northrend this weekend and start doing dailies and fishing to build up that cash reserve again. In semi-non-WoW news, I'll also be looking at rolling a D&D 4th edition character for a game I'm doing with a few local friends, all of whom play or played WoW with me at some point in the past. Since Monks aren't out yet, I may just roll a Ranger.
  • Chase Christian: Another round of OS10 3D attempts, provided everyone shows up. Also going to get a few more guild members "The Undying" this weekend.
  • Elizabeth Harper: Taking a break from WoW and guild drama for some quality time in LotRO!
  • Elizabeth Wachowski: Trying to put together a cohesive group to get the heroic dungeon achievements. Also, working.
  • Matt Low: Hitting the great outdoors. April means good weather (which means not raining in Vancouver). Good time to put my tank gear on and play some street hockey.
  • Michael Gray: I will shortly be trekking to the North Carolina Renn Faire, so I'll probably just do some light farming on a hotel internet connection.
  • Michael Sacco: Trying for Immortal on my shaman yet again, leveling my rogue.
  • Nick Whelan: My normal Naxx group is feeling kinda pooped. So this weekend I'll just hang out with friends.
  • Robin Torres: What I want to be doing: Leveling up my neglected Mage. What I will probably end up doing: Bringing up my mining and skinning on my DK in between household chores.
Now, tell us, gentle readers, what are you playing this weekend?

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