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Bavarian Minister compares violent games to drugs, child pornography

Following last month's tragic shooting rampage in Winnenden, Germany, the target of which was a local secondary school, criticism against violent video games from German politicians has strengthened drastically. The most passionate denunciation thus far recently came from Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, who accused violent games of being "one of the causes for youth violence and also for school shootings, where images from killer games become reality."

However, Herrmann's condemnation peaked when he claimed violent titles are "on the same level as child pornography and illegal drugs, the ban on which rightly is unquestioned." Herrmann released his statement on the same day as the first-ever German Video Game Awards ceremony, many of the attendees of which responded with demands for an apology from the Minister. If you're also looking to get your dander up, you can read Herrmann's (Google translated) press release here.

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